Monday, February 1, 2010

Stuck in the House with Food

We've been home for three days due to a winter snowstorm. I did my grocery order on Friday before the bad weather hit and made healthy choices with the idea that we'd probably not go out for a few days and might lose power. I bought oranges, bananas, grapes, pears, and strawberries. I got rice cakes and rice chips.

We did snack on the rice cakes and the chips, but I have had no desire for the fruit which would have been a better choice, I'm sure.

And then last night I wanted something sweet. Chocolate bread pudding. Yes, that's what I ended up fixing. I calculated the recipe and figured out that I could have an eighth of the dish for eight points, exactly what I had left for my week of WW points. Mmmmmm! It was tasty!

But today the rest of that chocolate bread pudding is calling my name in the refrigerator. I know that I can have more -- at eight points a serving -- but I don't want to use my points that way. I just want that bread pudding to be "free"!

Ain't gonna happen!

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