Sunday, February 7, 2010

Craving Salt

I've been craving salt all week. Not sure if it's a deficiency or good ol' PMS cravings, but all I've wanted all week is SALT!

So on my visit to Trader Joe's this week, I bought a couple of bags of salty goodness -- sweet potato chips and veggie chips. I calculated the points of a serving -- mostly 3 - 4 points per serving - but was quickly moved to multiply that by the servings per BAG. Yes, you can have a whole bag of sweet potato chips ... for like 17 POINTS or something!

Not a good week for staying on track, although I have tracked every last point of every last taste of salty goodness that has made it across my lips. Goodbye, weekly 35 points! I'll be finishing out the weekend with the last of the zero point soup.

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