Monday, December 13, 2010

Surviving the Holidays

Well, I made it through Thanksgiving without gaining major weight, but the fact that I'm up 8 pounds from last April is discouraging enough.

So on Monday, November 28th, Weight Watchers introduced their new PointsPlus program. Yeah, yeah, I thought. Just another way for WW to make money. Everybody is raving about "free fruit" -- no points for fresh fruit on the new program. Okay, I can go with it. I thought I'd get motivated. Nah, same old, same old for the week.

Then last Monday I saw an old friend at my WW meeting. Talk about a positive motivator, she's got me excited again (especially since it's Monday and I get to see her at tonight's meeting) and I tracked all week. Yes, I did!

So my friend says, with her big ol' grin and sparkly eyes, "We can do this! We'll be at goal and WW leaders before you know it!" So I have a new goal. Happy Monday!