Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's All Body Image

My friend Pam once told me that she didn't realize that she was fat until she had an annual physical and the doctor indicated that she was obese. Pam probably weighs over 300 pounds. How could she not know that she was fat for all those years?!

I suppose it's the same thing in reverse when those skinny Minnie types whine and moan about needing to lose weight when all I see are size six hips staring back at me. What do you mean you need to lose weight? Have you looked in the mirror lately?!

It all has to do with body image.

My assistant from ten years ago once told me that I carried myself well, that I had a great self image and strong self esteem, that I recognized that I needed to lose some weight, but that I didn't throw pity parties for myself and constantly berate myself over my size. I suppose for the most part she was right: I've always been extroverted, confident, smart.

But then she never saw me sitting on my couch in the glow of the television eating directly from the Ben & Jerry's pint carton. Nor did she know the guilty pangs that might follow the wave of nausea from eating way too much.

It all used to do with body image.

Now it's about being healthy and setting the right example for my daughter and being there for many years to come.

*SIGH* No more binging in the pantry or snitching a scoop of the frozen stuff from the containers while standing in front of the open freezer.

Ice Cream of the Day: Edy's Creamy Coconut Fruit Bars (1 bar = 120 calories, 3g of fat)

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