Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eating on Vacation

Well, I'm not really on vacation, but I am out of town for a professional conference. And that means eating out EVERY single meal. So I'm trying to make the best choices so that I can still stay within my points and enjoy a few regional favorites while I'm here.

Yesterday, I managed to use all my points and just a few of the weekly points AND I tried the Boston creme pie at the restaurant we ate at for dinner. My dinner companion and I halved the pie (I gave her the bigger half!) and it was plenty to get a taste of the delicious dessert. My dinner was on the healthy side -- grilled shrimp, Brussels sprouts, and spinach -- although I wasn't quite sure how to count the possible oils used to saute the spinach and sprouts. I did count them, though, and possibly on the high side.

We're trying right now to decide what to do for dinner, but I'm close to no daily points left -- I enjoyed some clam chowder with my salad at lunch today -- so I'm concerned about what I'll be able to choose for dinner.

I've got my handy-dandy WW points guide and I'm tracking, so I'm feeling good about my food choices while on vacation.

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